Is someone close to you quitting smoking? Your support and encouragement can be very important as they try to quit - and to help them stay quit. Here are some tips on how you can help:
Don't argue with or nag them about their smoking - but support them when they choose to quit.
Let them know where they can find help and support to quit.
Suggest going to places where people don't smoke.
Go walking or exercising with them.
Be there for them! Sometimes, a person who is trying not to smoke just needs someone to talk to.
Show them how you deal with stress and boredom without smoking.
Remind them they will enjoy socialising, eating and exercising much more than before.
Focus on all the good things about quitting, and their own reasons for quitting.
Most smokers try several times before they quit permanently - but every quit attempt will make it easier for them to stop smoking next time around.
Give support and encouragement, even when they have a slip-up. A slip-up is not a relapse - it's just a slip-up.

Link: Click to Quit - Free stop smoking help