Clinical pharmacists work alongside the doctor and nursing teams advising on anything to do with medicines.
Fiona McNabb is a clinical pharmacist with prescribing rights in the area of high blood pressure (hypertension) management, the use of oral medicines for diabetes management and repeat prescription review and prescribing.

Clinical pharmacist services for patients

  • Medicines review
  • understand how your medicines work and why they are prescribed
  • discuss problems with your medicines or suspected, unwanted side effects
  • understand any potential drug interactions

High blood pressure management
  • understand high blood pressure and what the risks are
  • understand what the options are, with and without medicines to manage high blood pressure
  • monitor your blood pressure at home and add treatment where necessary

Diabetes management
  • understand diabetes and the options for management
  • understand how medicines used to manage diabetes work
  • understand the role of dietary sugars and carbohydrates in managing diabetes

Repeat prescriptions
  • review of medicines and any required monitoring for the issue of repeat prescriptions



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