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感谢您选择维多利亚诊所移民体检服务。我们是新西兰移民局官方指定的移民体检中心。我们将向您提供高效便捷的移民体检一站式服务,我们的服务包括x光胸片检查,血液检查,医生和护士临床检查 。

Thank you for choosing Victoria Clinic Immigration Medical Service. We belong to the onshore panel physician network for completing Immigration New Zealand medical examinations. We are an integrated medical centre with onsite X-ray and lab services - one stop for all your immigration medical requirements.

How does it work?

  1. To make an appointment for you immigration medical, you have to come to Victoria Clinic. You must please bring your passport with you. You will be required to pay 50% of the medical fee on the day you book your appointment. Please let us know if you prefer a mandarin-speaking panel physician to complete your immigration medical.
  2. Nurse appointment: on the day of your first appointment we will register you, take your blood and chest X-ray, do a urine test and an eye test.
  3. Doctor's appointment: the doctor will take your medical history and do a complete physical examination.
  4. If you live out of town, please email Jan with your contact details at to book in for an appointment. We will endeavour to provide a same-day service to you
For any queries, please email This email is checked every Tuesday and Thursday.


  1. 预约:您必须携带您的护照亲自来本诊所前台预约。届时,您需要支付50%的移民体检服务费。诊所没有翻译员工,请带上您的翻译
  2. 护士预诊:我们的体检护士会把您的资料和照片注册在移民局制定的网站上。同时,护士也会测量您的身高,体重,血压,视力, 尿检等指定项目。届时,我们也会为您完成血检和X光胸片拍摄。
  3. 医生临床检查和病史回顾
  4. 医生检查和护士预诊会当天完成。如果您居住在L Hamilton以外的地区,请写邮件给我们的移民体检护士 Jan:。我们将竭力为您安排一天内完成服务。
如果您有任何疑问,请联系 (English only)。我们会每周二周四定期检查邮箱。


成人(15岁或以上), $250
只做胸片预约 $50, Radiology 胸部x光片 (11岁或以上) : $100
血液检查(15岁以上): $100
额外信息或是转诊推荐: $120
24小时血压机器租借: $150
心电图: $50
****X光胸片和血检这两项费用不包括在维多利亚移民体检服务费内,这两项的额外费用将分别由River Radiology和Pathlab收取。

How much do I pay?

Immigration medical Fees:
Adult 15 years and over $250, Children under 15 years $180
Chest X-ray (for over 11year old only): $100, Booking $50
Blood test (for over 15 years old only): $100
Extra test or referrals: $120
24 hour BP machine rental: $150
ECG : $50
Chest X-ray referrals only: $50
**$250 excludes the cost of bloods and X-ray

FAQs Onshore Panel Physician Network

What is an onshore panel physician network?
An onshore panel physician network is a list of physicians and radiologists in New Zealand who are approved to perform immigration medical examinations required for New Zealand visa applications.

When will the onshore panel physician network be implemented?
Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is implementing an onshore panel physician network from early 2015. Before this time, visa applicants in New Zealand may continue to visit any registered practitioner to have their medical examination completed.

Why have a panel physician network in New Zealand?
A panel physician network in New Zealand will:
1.) Enable an easier transition to eMedical, INZ’s new online medical assessment system
2.) Provide a means for INZ to distribute relevant information and get feedback from physicians
3.) Increase contact between INZ and physicians to create greater consistency across completed medical assessments
4.) Enable consistent processes whether a medical assessment is occurring onshore or offshore
5.) Enable INZ to audit panel physician performance to ensure the integrity of immigration medical examinations.



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